About Us

Your IT Authority

We are one of the leading Information Technology companies in United Arab Emirates as well as the entire Gulf region.

Started out operations in the year 1999, This was backed by a year long research that we had carried out to studying the UAE market. Our research led to the conclusion that there was a huge demand for service oriented IT solutions in UAE.

Our Vision

To grow along with all of stakeholders that we deal with regardless of customers, staff, strategical partners & investors.

Our Mission

Deliver the best breed of Information & Communication Technology that fit to customer requirements, and exceed the level of customer satisfaction.

We ride on our slogan ‘Your IT Authority‘ and have been striving to meet the requirements of our clients and raise our own bar. In today’s highly competitive business environment it is very important for any organization to set itself apart and we have been successful in this. The excellent work environment and a team of highly skilled employees lets us deliver our promises to the clients.

We do not differentiate between our clients on the basis of revenue and the kind of work. No two works are the same and all our clients come with their unique problems and seek solutions from us. We have been providing custom solutions to all our clients and meeting their exact requirements.

Our focus area of business lies in vertical market segments like oil field industries, Government sector, etc. Working in different verticals has taught us the nitties gritties of client servicing. The experience of working in such diverse sectors has helped us develop unique skill set and expertise separating us from many of our competitors.

We Believe

In the modern business of information technology success is often determined by the delivery mechanism and the support that IT firms provide to their clients. In this regard, we have had an excellent track record having delivered to all our products and services following strict deadlines. Our support teams have assisted all our customers in times of need to their fullest satisfaction.

We believe that a satisfied client can bring in ten more clients in the future. It is, therefore, the most important thing for any business firm to keep their clients happy. The biggest testimonial to our business has been the satisfaction of our clients. Nothing is more satisfying for a business firm than to have the goodwill of their clients and we strive to maintain this goodwill everyday.


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